gpl license

In the world of technology, there are many terms and acronyms that are a bit difficult to learn; however, as time passes you start understanding them. In the case of web page design, the same thing happens as there are quite a few new words and terminology that seems to be another language.

For web programmers, at first, they find it difficult to learn all those new words. Even so, when they finally do it, they are able to do whatever comes to mind. And those who use WordPress as the main tool to program are no exception.

Using a simple explanation, GPL means General Public License and is considered the legal basis of all free programming. As such, it is a copyright license used in the world of free and open source software. This allows end users to use their creativity by modifying software that does not carry any legal problems.

GPL License often referred to as the WordPress Bill of Rights, is quite important as it is used by both developers and users. This license represents the freedom granted to a user to modify and distribute software.

gpl license

History of GPL License

General Public License was created by Richard Stallman in 1989 as a measure to protect the programs released as part of the GNU project. The goal of GPL was to develop a license that could work with any project so that several ventures shared code.

As time passed, new needs were evident that GPL had to cover. That’s why a second version was born in 1991, which brought concerns and problems of tivoization. This is the inclusion of software with GPL in hardware that will refuse to execute modified versions of its software.

To try to solve these problems, a third version was created in 2007 that brought important changes in software patents and the internationalization of all these types of projects. And the evolution continues because there is rumor that a new version that is already on the way.

How does GPL License benefit you?

The way it does it is quite incredible as it allows the public to create new license based on the GPL provided that is under the supervision or authorization of the GPL. In the case of WordPress, it is a wonder because people can design their web pages in a simple way.

That means you can program and design as you want thanks to the thousands of options that WordPress has for you and the design license would be technically yours but the way you created it is from GPL.

You can let your creativity fly thanks to this public GPL license that is gradually winning the hearts of many people. Every day there are new changes that give different characteristics to the GPL and help you be a better web programmer.

If what you are looking for are new ways to program, WordPress GPL is for you. Give it a chance, we’re sure you will not regret it.

What the GPL means to you?

General Public License, better known as the WordPress Bill of Rights, is a copyright statement. It is used more than anything in the world of free software and open source as a way to program without having any legal problems later.

It was created by Richard Stallman and aims to let web programmers, experts or beginners, to unleash their creativity and create website without having to worry about other things. As time goes by, different versions have existed and this field is innovated every day more and more.

What General Public License means, is based on four main freedoms.

1. The freedom to execute the program for any purpose.

Here you have the certainty that if you import and you want to use the program, you can count on GPL to back you up. That means that everyone is able to use the program from wherever they are and they will remain protected.

2. The freedom to know the program and change it to work as desired.

General Public License is based on wanting to help others have access to information and create their own content without all the drama that copyright brings. It’s like an aid to the programmers that makes them feel supported.

That is why it allows them to know all aspects of the license and how it works so that they can even make modifications that allow them to work as they wish and thus achieve the personal objectives that each user possesses.

3. Freedom to redistribute copies that help others

GPL belongs to a group of people who promote creativity and the propagation of information. That is why by letting the users fully know the interface and to make changes, allows the new content created to be redistributed.

The idea of this is to ensure that everyone has access to information and that they can help each other with new programming methods that allow them to create website. Here innovation is what is always sought.

4. Freedom to improve the program and bring it to light

If you are a user that uses GPL, you know that you can make as many changes as you want until you get better. At least, in the case of WordPress, it is like that. You can improve the whole program, create website and then make it public so that everyone has access to it.

In addition to helping you show how supportive you are with society, it allows you to have more exposure with the public and you could even get that visibility you need to make your career take off.

Now, GPL means creativity because it lets you shape your own ideas. It means freedom since there is no one behind you, preventing you from doing anything and it means visibility that helps you see what you are capable of doing.

But now you must ask yourself a very important question… What does GPL mean to you? Have you ever thought about it?