In case you do not know, WordPress is a software that is licensed under General Public License that works exclusively for open source. It is a kind of support for programmers, which allows them to unleash their creativity.

In WordPress, the first thing you should do is create an account and be clear about where you want to go so you can reach your goal faster. Also, with the GPL this is a million times easier.

You see, what WordPress GPL allows you to do is reuse, modify and redistribute the page you have designed for private or commercial purposes. You have the theme you have and regardless of the purpose with which you created the page, WordPress GPL will support you.

How does it work with WordPress GPL?

When you want to capture certain content on your website, what you have to do is go to WordPress and let your creativity flow. The way you want to place the items on the page is through certain plugins that are quite simple.

All plugins and themes are under the General Public License. That means that you can use them freely without any inconvenience. And the same happens with the Plugins Premium WordPress you buy.

If you want to add some gif, photo or music to your page, all you have to do is use one of the tools and plugins that you get in the programming section. The GPL plugins are varied and are constantly updated.

GPL Plugins offers more than 2500 WordPress themes and add-ons, which can be free or purchased. The costs vary between 10 or 21 dollars and they offer you up to subscription plans for long periods of time.

When discussing topics, we refer to the way in which items and sections can be placed on the web page. Where you can place the photos, the places where you click, for how long a background song can sound. All these things depend on the plugins.

So one day, take a while to sit down and explore all the GPL plugins that exist and choose one that best suits your needs.

WordPress Premium Plugins

When we talk about Premium, we refer to the most exclusive ones that exist within WordPress GPL. Here you will find the greatest templates and tools you can imagine for extremely low prices.

Imagine upgrading your website thanks to these Plugins Premium WordPress. Your visibility would be greater and you would also have a much more dynamic content within your website. In addition, users would find it more practical to scroll through the page.

The plugins represent a big step in programming with GPL, especially for WordPress. Here everyone is able to program as an expert in the field and to design content becomes an entertaining thing.

Do not let the Plugins Premium WordPress escape from you. Remember that the future of your website is up to them! So do not wait another minute, go and buy them all. 

improve website

Since WordPress came into our lives everything became much easier. Programs and designing websites were even more fun and simple for a new audience that was training in this matter. Even, all of them now collaborate to make WordPress a better place.

To improve your website, today we bring you 10 incredible plugins for you to use. We are totally sure that they will be very helpful.

1. Yoast SEO

It is a fairly simple Plugin which is based on a very visual system for those not initiated in SEO. Work hand in hand with a traffic light that indicates, through colors, when the content to publish is good, regular or bad.

2. TOC +

It works like the small index at the beginning of an entry. It offers a fairly simple way to edit and helps maximize the user’s experience. Anyone reading the article can go directly to the part that interests them by clicking on the title that appears in the index.

3. Simple Share Buttons Adder

It is known that now it is impossible to live without social networks and that is why WordPress has started to accept plugins that improve your website. With this plugin, you can get a simple way for your users to share your content on social networks. This will make you gain visibility.

4. Antispam Bee

It is an alternative plugin that helps you fight the spam that is introduced without you noticing in your web page. This little bee really protects your website from those ads that stress users so much.

5. Broken Link Checker

Broken links are a bad thing that all programmers flee from. But to solve this now, there is this plugin that is responsible for tracking your website to detect broken links.

6. Cookie Law Info

This plugin helps show the notification of cookies once a user enters your website. You can improve your website by placing a comfortable and full of life one that will not hinder.

7. WP Sitemap

It serves to generate a shortcode and paste it on any page of your website. It even lets you place a kind of map that all your users will love.

8. CF7Customizer

Within WordPress, this works as a mail plugin and is quite lightweight so no process will slow you down while you are programming.

9. Duplicate Post

Improve your website through this plugin that will save you many hours of design and layout. As such it allows you to create a copy or duplicate of any other page that you have done previously.

10. Limit Logins Attempt

This latest plugin is aimed at protecting your WordPress account. It is responsible for limiting access to your WordPress account and it will block that IP address before a certain number of failed attempts. It is very simple, useful and free.

Now, these are the plugins that we recommend to improve your website. We are sure that they will help you have a better page and attract more users.

gpl license

In the world of technology, there are many terms and acronyms that are a bit difficult to learn; however, as time passes you start understanding them. In the case of web page design, the same thing happens as there are quite a few new words and terminology that seems to be another language.

For web programmers, at first, they find it difficult to learn all those new words. Even so, when they finally do it, they are able to do whatever comes to mind. And those who use WordPress as the main tool to program are no exception.

Using a simple explanation, GPL means General Public License and is considered the legal basis of all free programming. As such, it is a copyright license used in the world of free and open source software. This allows end users to use their creativity by modifying software that does not carry any legal problems.

GPL License often referred to as the WordPress Bill of Rights, is quite important as it is used by both developers and users. This license represents the freedom granted to a user to modify and distribute software.

gpl license

History of GPL License

General Public License was created by Richard Stallman in 1989 as a measure to protect the programs released as part of the GNU project. The goal of GPL was to develop a license that could work with any project so that several ventures shared code.

As time passed, new needs were evident that GPL had to cover. That’s why a second version was born in 1991, which brought concerns and problems of tivoization. This is the inclusion of software with GPL in hardware that will refuse to execute modified versions of its software.

To try to solve these problems, a third version was created in 2007 that brought important changes in software patents and the internationalization of all these types of projects. And the evolution continues because there is rumor that a new version that is already on the way.

How does GPL License benefit you?

The way it does it is quite incredible as it allows the public to create new license based on the GPL provided that is under the supervision or authorization of the GPL. In the case of WordPress, it is a wonder because people can design their web pages in a simple way.

That means you can program and design as you want thanks to the thousands of options that WordPress has for you and the design license would be technically yours but the way you created it is from GPL.

You can let your creativity fly thanks to this public GPL license that is gradually winning the hearts of many people. Every day there are new changes that give different characteristics to the GPL and help you be a better web programmer.

If what you are looking for are new ways to program, WordPress GPL is for you. Give it a chance, we’re sure you will not regret it.

What the GPL means to you?

General Public License, better known as the WordPress Bill of Rights, is a copyright statement. It is used more than anything in the world of free software and open source as a way to program without having any legal problems later.

It was created by Richard Stallman and aims to let web programmers, experts or beginners, to unleash their creativity and create website without having to worry about other things. As time goes by, different versions have existed and this field is innovated every day more and more.

What General Public License means, is based on four main freedoms.

1. The freedom to execute the program for any purpose.

Here you have the certainty that if you import and you want to use the program, you can count on GPL to back you up. That means that everyone is able to use the program from wherever they are and they will remain protected.

2. The freedom to know the program and change it to work as desired.

General Public License is based on wanting to help others have access to information and create their own content without all the drama that copyright brings. It’s like an aid to the programmers that makes them feel supported.

That is why it allows them to know all aspects of the license and how it works so that they can even make modifications that allow them to work as they wish and thus achieve the personal objectives that each user possesses.

3. Freedom to redistribute copies that help others

GPL belongs to a group of people who promote creativity and the propagation of information. That is why by letting the users fully know the interface and to make changes, allows the new content created to be redistributed.

The idea of this is to ensure that everyone has access to information and that they can help each other with new programming methods that allow them to create website. Here innovation is what is always sought.

4. Freedom to improve the program and bring it to light

If you are a user that uses GPL, you know that you can make as many changes as you want until you get better. At least, in the case of WordPress, it is like that. You can improve the whole program, create website and then make it public so that everyone has access to it.

In addition to helping you show how supportive you are with society, it allows you to have more exposure with the public and you could even get that visibility you need to make your career take off.

Now, GPL means creativity because it lets you shape your own ideas. It means freedom since there is no one behind you, preventing you from doing anything and it means visibility that helps you see what you are capable of doing.

But now you must ask yourself a very important question… What does GPL mean to you? Have you ever thought about it?

web positioning


Web positioning is one of the essential aspects of any online page. It is through this that all businesses, offers, blogs or other platforms can be made known within your desired audience. Although many owners consider it irrelevant or think that investing in it is a waste of money, they are extremely wrong, without this tool, they will not achieve the desired results.

Having an online domain under our control, we want it to get the best results, reach a larger audience and the individuals interested in it feel comfortable with the content, they can find it quickly and also have a great publicity. All this can be achieved by improving the current web positioning, the benefits will be noticed in a short time and the notoriety will give great leaps.

In the same way, we bring you the 3 main reasons why it is essential to improve the web positioning of your online domain:

  • Influence: several studies have shown that most users are satisfied with the first results in their search, considering these as the best. Whether a blog or online store, you will notice incredible results when you are at the top of the search engine, influencing the tastes and purchasing decisions.
  • Visibility: as mentioned above, by optimizing the current web positioning we will obtain a greater flow of visits to our domain. It is indispensable to dedicate effort to offer quality content, good image and a simple process depending on the page.
  • Excellent investment: it doesn’t matter that some do not consider it that way, investing time and money in improving the web positioning is essential. By being positioned in the mind of your desired audience, you will attract more, new and better users, which will provide incredible results.
worpress for your business


Being the owner of any business and wanting to venture into the world of communications, it is essential not to hear a couple of times the term WordPress. To understand what it means, we must simply understand that it consists of a content management system, which is used in the creation of online stores, blogs and different websites.

Currently, the entire population wants to know the different options that are offered in the market; however, each individual obtains this information through their smart devices and in the fastest and most comfortable way possible. WordPress is known to be a very useful and simple tool, allowing you to create a website for our company without too many requirements and can be done by yourself.

In this way, your business will obtain a greater flow of customers and achieve a notorious growth. It is essential to know the many and varied benefits that WordPress offers.

  • Extremely simple to use: it is not necessary to have professional knowledge about web design to use the WordPress tool. Choosing the visual appearance, adding images, some social network links, among other features, allow any user to use it.
  • Constant updates: through technological advances, WordPress is constantly updated, offering more and better options for its users.
  • It provides a better organic positioning: this refers to the content on the internet, allowing a greater flow of visits. By respecting the standards and being compatible with browsers, WordPress guarantees this feature.
  • Abundant security: by having a constant revision, WordPress has become an extremely safe tool, correcting possible errors and failures before they happen.
  • It saves time and money: being a user-friendly tool, any site can be created in a short time. In addition, it allows obtaining a self-management of the website and its content.