10 Themes WordPress from Themeforest you have to discover

WordPress Themes are one of the greatest innovations that have emerged in the market. Currently, all those designers and web programmers who work with WordPress have entered into the world of themes. And it is not for granted since with this they have been able to revolutionize their pages.


You see, the Themes WordPress is like a template that you can download and implement to create website so that you can place all the sections and items to get a great, practical and dynamic style.

To get a good Themes WordPress, we recommend one of the largest Marketplace: Themeforest. There you will find different designs, and today you will know about their top 10 themes for when you create website.

Themes WordPress from Themeforest

1. Flatsome: It’s a nice design but with an imposing presence designed for a car shop. You have different places for images and integrated purchase buttons.


2.DK for photography creative: If what you are looking for is to show your portfolio, Photosy is for you. Here as a souvenir album, you can show your photographic works with small descriptions that you can place wherever you want.dk portofolio


3. Enfold: This is a much more entrepreneurial design. It is based on connecting the different aspects of the company in a single website. There is a gallery space, a single main page and also a connection for apps.

enfold theme themeforest


4. Studiare: The presentation is quite dynamic and it gives you the possibility to visualize all the sections of the web page from it. You can move through an innovative design and a great one too.

studiaire wp

5. Genious Kitchen: This design is aimed especially at restaurants that seek to interact with all their clients online. If you use this interface you can get everyone to know what your dishes look like before tasting them.

genious kitchen

6. Bonza Architecture and Interior: This design is somewhat minimalist and full of dark colours. It fits with an image of elegant and serious company.

onza Architecture and Interior

7. Cryptex: The white colour is what predominates as well as different photos with frames of simple colours. These frames are linear and sometimes curved. In addition, it fits very well with designs for companies that sell technology.


8. Avada: Created by a furniture company, it has become a popular design among all people because of how pleasing it is visually. The photos look great and it allows you to buy online.

avada premium theme wordpress

9. Wedding Suite: On the left side you can find different descriptions and on the right side, there are photographs. It works like two hemispheres of the brain where one is oriented to art and the other to writing.

wedding suite

10. Genesis: If there is something for which you would want this theme is for its minimalist design. The simplicity that characterizes it is based on small titles and large images as well as links that will direct you to where you want to go.


Now, there you have the top 10 Themes WordPress that have impressed the most people in the world who have entered Themeforest. Keep them in mind for the next time you create a website.