10 Themes Woocommerce to create your E-commerce

Woocommerce? What is that? Simple, when talking about woocommerce we are referring to an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Explaining it a little better, it works as a platform that promotes online transactions whether you’re a small or large merchant.

The most important thing here is that you have to know which plugins you should have if what you want is to improve your performance as a company by creating this web page. This is one of the biggest advantages that WordPress has for entrepreneurs since it helps them increase their sales.

That is why we give you 10 inspiring ideas so you can design a great website for your company and create your E-Commerce.

1. Shopkeeper: Here a young design full of audacity predominates. Mainly, you find many photos that show all the products and also an automatic purchase button which adds everything you want for a cart.

2. The Retailer: It is a somewhat sober design that is aimed at more serious companies that offer certain services, something like law firms or accountant firms. You find, above all, descriptions about the product and also their rates.

3. Bazar Shop: It is a type of Woocommerce that focuses on companies that have a wide variety of products. You can compare some products with others and you can even check the comments of the other people to see how the products have worked for them.

4. MayaShop: Optimized with an incredible SEO technology, MayaShop allows you to implement a great woocommerce through its fast interface and its great design. It’s a bit simple but it gives you exactly what you need.

5. Neighborhood: If you are looking to improve your business, you can create your E-Commerce easily using the Neighborhood theme. With it you will find different ways to reach your users as there is enough space for photos and descriptions.

6. Legenda: For the minimalist ones, we present this template model. Here you have around a big title, all the photos you want to put on your product. On the other hand, you can shuffle down to some of the sections.

7. Blaszok: The best way to show everything is through images. That is why this type of woocommerce focuses only on photographs. From them, a purchase button is displayed.

8. Atelier: This is a more specific theme for companies that sell clothing or costume jewelry. With it you can even buy each garment.

9. Royal: Recommended for any type of company, start with a great cover where the promotion of the month comes out and finally surprises you with the thousands of sections that are available to you.

10. Electro Electronics: If it’s a matter of variety, this template is the ideal one for you. Here you can have an uncomplicated way of presenting the products you sell and also the other services that you will offer your clients.

Give this great platform an opportunity and you will see how you can easily create your E-Commerce.