improve website

Since WordPress came into our lives everything became much easier. Programs and designing websites were even more fun and simple for a new audience that was training in this matter. Even, all of them now collaborate to make WordPress a better place.

To improve your website, today we bring you 10 incredible plugins for you to use. We are totally sure that they will be very helpful.

1. Yoast SEO

It is a fairly simple Plugin which is based on a very visual system for those not initiated in SEO. Work hand in hand with a traffic light that indicates, through colors, when the content to publish is good, regular or bad.

2. TOC +

It works like the small index at the beginning of an entry. It offers a fairly simple way to edit and helps maximize the user’s experience. Anyone reading the article can go directly to the part that interests them by clicking on the title that appears in the index.

3. Simple Share Buttons Adder

It is known that now it is impossible to live without social networks and that is why WordPress has started to accept plugins that improve your website. With this plugin, you can get a simple way for your users to share your content on social networks. This will make you gain visibility.

4. Antispam Bee

It is an alternative plugin that helps you fight the spam that is introduced without you noticing in your web page. This little bee really protects your website from those ads that stress users so much.

5. Broken Link Checker

Broken links are a bad thing that all programmers flee from. But to solve this now, there is this plugin that is responsible for tracking your website to detect broken links.

6. Cookie Law Info

This plugin helps show the notification of cookies once a user enters your website. You can improve your website by placing a comfortable and full of life one that will not hinder.

7. WP Sitemap

It serves to generate a shortcode and paste it on any page of your website. It even lets you place a kind of map that all your users will love.

8. CF7Customizer

Within WordPress, this works as a mail plugin and is quite lightweight so no process will slow you down while you are programming.

9. Duplicate Post

Improve your website through this plugin that will save you many hours of design and layout. As such it allows you to create a copy or duplicate of any other page that you have done previously.

10. Limit Logins Attempt

This latest plugin is aimed at protecting your WordPress account. It is responsible for limiting access to your WordPress account and it will block that IP address before a certain number of failed attempts. It is very simple, useful and free.

Now, these are the plugins that we recommend to improve your website. We are sure that they will help you have a better page and attract more users.